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Outdoor Water Solutions 20', Three-legged Windmill

“My family and I love our outdoor windmill purchased through Glen Krueger Windmills. It’s great to watch and see in our back yard, my fish are happy and it looks great. It really does what it is meant to do, no problems. Thanks for a job well done!” Larry

If you have an outdoor pond you know the importance of keeping it clean and maintaining a healthy environment for fish and other wildlife. Aside from the nature aspect, no one wants to look at or go swimming in a pond that’s filled with uninviting green algae, muck and weeds. This is where the importance of aeration comes in.

Whether it be a wind-driven, electrical or solar aeration system this is the most important step.

Why is Aeration Necessary for Your Pond?

Ponds that aren’t aerated will become stale or stagnant and will develop algae problems that worsen over time. In addition, they’ll develop a build-up of excess muck that is nutrients for the algae and weeds to grow, just like when the farmer puts fertilizers on his/her fields. Your pond looses it’s oxygen from the bottom, there is little oxygen in the bottom of ponds and the good bacteria that you need to eat up the muck needs oxygen. This is why you need to aerate the bottom of your pond.

Ground water does not carry oxygen into your pond so having a spring does not create oxygen. As your fish grow bigger they need more oxygen. As your muck is increasing and your fish need more oxygen, your pond freezes over and your fish run out of oxygen and you have a fish kill. (There are other reasons for a fish kill, like when your pond turns over in the Spring and Fall or maybe you have a run off from a farmers field but the most common is lack of oxygen.)

Keeping your pond clean and maintained is easy with a wind-driven, electric or solar powered aeration system from Outdoor Water Solutions. By adding an aeration system to your pond, you’re not only making your pond a stable environment for fish and other wildlife, but you’re also creating benefits from circulating water from the bottom, preventing turnover. There will be reductions in odor and algae due to increased oxygen, plus, you’ll see reduced muck and organic matter at the bottom of your pond. On average a pond will create 3 inches of muck per year. A properly installed aeration system will deplete on the average 6 inches of muck per year. Water movement also lessens mosquito breeding and West Nile virus because of increased water movement. On top of these benefits, you won’t see an added cost for electricity or fuel since you’re aerating your pond with a windmill. Learn more at

Glen Krueger Windmills: Sales, Assembly, Installation and Service of Most Windmill Brands.

Glen Krueger Windmills offers high-quality pond aeration systems, pond care products, powder coated windmills which can be customized for your particular farm, ranch, golf course, subdivision or park setting and over 10 years pond knowledge and experience.

Glen services not only Outdoor Water Solutions windmills and products, but also other major brands of windmills, including products from Koenders Water Solutions.

When you purchase from large retail stores, who do you call if you have a problem or question?

When you call Glen Krueger Windmills (920-373-0098), you will be talking to Glen, himself. What’s more, because Glen is a small business owner, you won’t see the large mark-ups you will find with big box stores. In most cases he has the product in stock so no shipping charges.

Contact Glen today for information and to request a catalog featuring the full line of Outdoor Water Solutions electrical, solar and wind-powered aerators, water fountains, chemicals and natural additives to clean your pond and keep it healthy and thriving.


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  • Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill
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  • Silver Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill
  • Multiple fountains add life to this pond.
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